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From: Rick Dempster (
Date: Mon Mar 25 1996 - 15:28:10 CST

First Thanks are in order to: (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
"David Evans" <>
Chris Chiapusio <> (Peter Bestel) (Stephen Harris)
Gavin L Hemphill <> sun-mana (D. J. Hagberg)
"Bjorn E. Torsteinsen" <>
Carle Brisson <>
"Rasana P. Atreya" <>
Justin Young <>

Most hit the nail right on the head. Somehow this user left a lock file
hanging around. I was looking for something like userid.lock which was
close and probability would have found it if I had used the ls -a option
which displays hidden files, e.g. .userid.lock. Anyway I erase the hidden
lock file and his mailer, Eudora, pickup up his mail before I could give
him a call.

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Thanks for the quick response.

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