SUMMARY: Connecting Novell and Sun Mail

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Date: Mon Mar 25 1996 - 11:44:01 CST

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> Here I have two isolated network mail... Sun mail and Netware 4.1 mail.
> My question is what is the right way of connecting the two ? I'm
> of NFS mount the Netware mail spool so that Sun can see it. I am not
> familiar with Netware,so if this more work on the Netware part ...
> be details. Thank you


Netware mail is based upon a service called MHS (Novell proprietary).
The only connection possibility you have is to utilize an SMTP type
connection from PC's (or POP-3) to the Sun, or to have a MHS type
connection from the Sun. If you are looking to simply route mail
between the two, you can put in an SMTP Gateway for MHS (probably
around $3000 for software :-(

If you are looking for all systems to share mail, I would put in
an SMTP or POP-3 friendly mail software service (Eudora, Netscape)
GroupWise all share this common problem - cost to gateway to SMTP
which is the Internet mail protocol (and UNIX)....

Milt Webb <>

We use an MHS to SMPT gateway. Not sure the Sun will be able to use that
Netware spool directory...formats are different.

We use a product by Connect2 Software.

Frank Dzaak <>

we have also a Novell Network and a Sparc cluster. We are using
Mercury, which is a SMTP-Gateway for Novell. Mercury runs as a NLM on
the Netware-Server and sends mail to the suns and vice verca.

Justin Young <>

Don't even think of mounting the mail. Get Mercury,Pegasus and transfer
the mail to your users that way.

Bert Shure <>

i think you'll need some kind of a SMTP gateway for the novell mail to
talk to
unix mail.

i might be able to sell it to you.

Vibhavasu Vuppala <>

Here we have a smtp gateway on the novell side, and it allows us to
communicate between unix mail and groupwise. i am not sure if the product
is from novell or wordperfect. Check with novell. there should be lots of such
products from third party vendors too.

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