SUMMARY -- 4.1.4 Format/install new 2G drive -- Media errors up the wazoo

From: Chris Shenton (
Date: Thu Mar 21 1996 - 19:23:05 CST

I wrote:

        I have an IPX running 4.1.3 which I want to upgrade to 4.1.4;
        I just bought a Micropolis-4221 SCSI drive, 2.0GB. I get tons
        of media errors after format/suninstall when restoring files
        to it. [...]


Rick Dunbar <> said:
        It sounds like there is a problem with the drive. Try using
        the 4.1.4 format program, select analyze, and then run the
        read test. See what happens.

John DiMarco <> wrote:

        The problems you have been seeing have nothing to do with the
        format.dat entry. Your disk is about to die. Replace it
        immediately. (Hugo Fiennes) echoed this in a reply
to a similar request I made in comp.sys.sun.{admin,hardware}:

        The drive is dead - send it back. You're actually getting real
        media errors, which you definitely shouldn't get. You could
        try using the defect management on format to map out the
        errors, but on a new drive you shouldn't have any errors - any
        manufacturing ones should already have been mapped.

While not exactly good news, at least I can stop beating my head
against the wall. Guess it's time to send it back to Micropolis.

Thanks all!

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