SUMMARY: Problems with solstice admintool 2.1

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Thu Mar 21 1996 - 01:00:52 CST

I've solved the problem. It belongs to the nis+ domainname. For some operations an ending dot in the nis+ domainname is required. At this reason i thought this dot is part of the domainname. But this was a missunderstanding. I removed the dot and everything works fine.
Thanks for your help.

And here is my original question
> Hello.
> I have upgraded to solaris2.5 and have installed solstice adminsuite 2.1.
> After the sucessfully licensening i want use adminsuite and add a host.
> We have running nis+ and after selecting the naming service i got an error
> like that
> The operation failed with this status:
> access denied to the policy defaults table
> Do you want to see a more detailed error message?
> -> I have choosen yes
> The operation failed with this status:
> Trace--
> check_access
> Message--
> access denied to the policy defaults table
> Now my question. What's wrong here? Have do i do install nis+ again or have i do some errors with the licensening mechanism?
> Many thanks for your help?
> Wolfgang

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