SUMMARY: Problems with NFS3

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Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 02:48:31 CST

Many thanks for your help. Sorry for don't looking in the FAQ.
Here is the answer:

The solaris FAQ says:
*5.38) I can't run nfs: netdir_getbyname failure, /dev/udp: bind problem
    For some reason the nfs service has disappeared from your
    /etc/services file, nis map or NIS+ table. You need to
    have an entry like:
    nfsd 2049/udp nfs # NFS server daemon (clts)
    nfsd 2049/tcp nfs # NFS server daemon (cots)
    If you use NIS+, you must make sure that the NIS+ entry is readable
    for the machine executing nfsd.
    If you used your SunOS 4.x services file, that would explain it:
    SunOS 4.x doesn't have an entry for nfsd in /etc/services,
    Solaris 2.x requires one.
    This will usually not happen until you upgrade to Solaris 2.4 or
    upgrade to 2.5. Solaris 2.3 and earlier would always consult
    /etc/services, regardless of what nsswitch.conf said.
    /etc/services does contain the right NFS entries.
    Solaris 2.4 and earlier don't have an entry for NFS over tcp.
--- end of excerpt from the FAQ

And here my original question:

> Hello.
> I have now all machines upgraded to solaris2.5. But following error messages appears during booting:
> /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd[pid]: netdir_getbyname (transport tcp,host/server \1/ufs), No such file or directory
> /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd[pid]: Cannot establish NFS service over /dev/tcp: transport setup problem
> What does this message mean and how can avoid these?
> Thanks
> Wolfgang

Thanks again

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