SUMMARY: Sparcprinter problem

From: Katrina Simpson (
Date: Tue Mar 19 1996 - 10:04:56 CST

I would like to thank Christopher L. Barnard and Lothar Mueller for sending
me the easy and cheap answer. Listed Below.

Katrina Simpson

> OS: 4.1.4 with Newsprint 2.4
> found and installed Newsprint patch 100925
> the problem:
> horizontal black lines (thick) separated by 1/2 inch white space, and
> another line...repeating all the way down the page...
> The document sent to print , does print out, just with all these lines
> all over the page.
> I'm just looking to see if anyone has seen this one before, or knows of a
> patch or something i might have missed.

You don't say what sort of printer this is, but I'm assuming that
if you're using NewsPrint 2.4 it must be a sparcprinter of some sort.
If so, its a hardware problem. Here's your fix:


Date: Tue, 26 Jul 1994 10:54:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: "John W. Cieply" <>
Subject: SUMMARY(2): Lines on SPARCprinter output

Hi Managers,

        I posted the following message about our SPARCprinter:

> We are have a problem with 2 SPARCprinters on our network. Both
>printers will print evenly spaced lines across the paper. It looks as if
>the printer is trying to create notebook paper to print on.
> One printer is using NeWSprint 2.2 via Solaris 1.1.1, while the
>other is using NeWSprint 2.5 via Solaris 2.3.
> We changed Sbus cards, reinstalled NeWSprint, but the problem persists.
>Has anyone seen this problem?

The responses have been great. Most of them point to a hardware error on the
SPARCprinter. Some people recommended buying new printers, others say I should
contact Sun Maintenance and pay about $500+ to repair them.

The best solution came from He mentioned
adjusting a frequency adjustment screw on the SPARCprinter. We followed the
procedure and the problem has been resolved.

Thanks to the following who responded:
        "Gregory A. Parmer" <>
        James Ashton <> (Colin Panisset)
        Charles Hawkins <> (Miguel A. Rozsas)
        Fintan Keeling <>
        Timothy Heberling <> (Michael D. Reynolds)
        Scott Wyckoff <> (Gary Yahr) (Steve Ramsey) (Michael Kline)
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From: IN%"" "Gregory A. Parmer" :

Hey John.
>From my experience what it means is that you're about the get
that wonderful "U2" error. If you look him up in the manual
it'll tell you,
        The ROS has failed.
        Turn the power switch off, then on. If the
        error persists, consult Sun customer support.

Customer support will tell you to send in the printer for repairs.
Expect a $500 bill, give or take a couple of hundred depending
on who/where the work is done I guess.

I don't claim to be an expert on Sun SPARCprinters, but I stumbled
across a temporary (?) fix for "U2" error woes. So far I've got
a 100% repair rate fixing 4 out of 4 sparcprinters...they've
been working like new for several months now.


When it gets to the point it's making BOLD HORIZONTAL lines and
the U2 error has appeared on the display panel.

1) Take off the lid to the Top Cover (the door on the top).
      a. It's got two phillips head screws. One on the left
         side and one in the front.
      b. Open the cover slightly and remove the lid, exposing
         the top of the ROS.
      c. Close top cover.
2) Locate and turn this silly little adjustment screw (frequency?)
      an eighth or a quarter turn counterclockwise.
3) Either put the lid back on or hold down the button on the left
      side which lets the printer know that the top cover is closed.
4) Print.

Top View w/ lid removed.
"S" marks the adjustment screw.
"B" marks the button that tells it the cover is
| |
| ------------------------------- |
| | ----- | |
| | | | | |
| | | S | | |
| | ----- | |
| | | |
| | | |
|B \ / |
| \ / |
| \ / |
| \-----------------------/ |
| |
| |
| |
| |

Don't tear up any good laser printers trying this, but if you've
got some that are doomed for the scrap pile (at $600 per printer
for repairs I s'pose that's likely) it's worth a shot.

If this works for you and saves you $$, please send a token
sum to me in the form of a personal check or money order.
If it destroys your system and shuts down your business, call
someone else...I claim NO responsibility. :)


Greg Parmer INTERNET:
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Alabama Cooperative Extension Service FAX: (205) 844-3501
Auburn University, AL 36849-5646

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