SUMMARY: [Q]: No network locking?

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Date: Mon Mar 18 1996 - 10:58:41 CST

I've had quite a few requests for summary but I had several replies which
said pretty much the same.

Here's a representative one:


This comes from the Solaris 2 FAQ posted periodically on comp.unix.solaris comp.sys.sun.admin comp.answers news.answers .

3.28) What is this message: "automount: No network locking on host, contact administrator to install server change."?

The other machine (an NFS server) is running 4.1.x and needs a patch from Sun to update its network lock daemon (lockd). If you don't install the patch on the server, file locking will not work on files mounted from "thathost". The lockd jumbo patch fixes a bunch of other lock manager problems, so it may be a Good Thing To Get; however, it may also cause the machine on which the patch is installed to have trouble talking to servers with no patch or older patches, so Be Warned.

The lockd patches are: 100988 (4.1.3), 101817 (4.1-4.1.2) and 101784 (4.1.3_U1), 100518 (for Online: Disksuite).

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