FIX SUMMARY: Pine 3.91 compile (GCC) on Solaris 2.5, Ultra 1

From: Steve Cole (
Date: Sun Mar 17 1996 - 18:13:02 CST

Wow... this was a tough one. I ended up finding the solution to my
difficulties on the Pine mailing list archives, although there were
many solutions and I had to test all of them before taking the
head database I'd built up and just hacking until it compiled.
Thankfully, I'm compiling on an Ultra 1 with 80MB RAM, so it wasn't as
painful as it could have been.

In summary:

Went into the makefile.sv4 files (yes, this was how I got it compiled,
the sol makefile isn't as simple) and turned off the -g and -DDEBUG
functions, uncommented the optimizing and profiling, then added this to
the CFLAGS area:

-Dconst= -ansi
(note the space between the two, in fact they were at opposite ends of
the CFLAGS line)

and this to the linker:


I had to do this to Pine, Pico, and the ANSI and non-ANSI makefiles. I
used the -O2 optimization, because I *HATE* big, bulky, hoggish slow
executables. Just do a "find . -name Makefile -exec vi {} \;" to find
all the makefiles that Pine uses, and modify as desired.

I then went into the headers.h file and moved two include lines
(osdef.h and mail.h) to just under the stdio include, to ensure that
they both got included despite the assurance that they would be from
the ifdef line.

I then output a pine.conf file and added my hostnames into the file as
the following shows (note this clears a bug with Pine's headers using only
the hostname and not a mail domain on Solaris2+):


# Sets domain part of From: and local addresses in outgoing mail.

# List of SMTP servers for sending mail. If blank: Unix Pine uses sendmail. smtp-server=

# NNTP server for posting news. Also sets news-collections for news reading.


The nice thing is that as soon as I get a package like this to compile once, I can save the entire directory tree and use it in further installations, just leaving myself a README.SJC.KOS.DATE file... imagine trying to remember this for every install <grin>

If you really can't get it to go, I can attach you my binaries, which are about 25% smaller than the standard binaries and don't leave behind five little 5K files hanging around in your home directory (.pine-debug.x)

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