SUMMARY mutex_adaptive_exit

From: Stephen Harris (
Date: Sun Mar 17 1996 - 13:28:08 CST

Original question was essentially:
  unix: panic: mutex_adaptive_exit: mutex not owned by thread, lp fc376af8 owner e0000000 lock 0 waiters 0 curthread fc2b0240
  What is it?

Fast responses from Peter Bestel, Casper Dik and Tom Mornini. Known bug.

(from 101945-15) 1176508 panic mutex adaptive exit under 2.4 fcs when accessing directory over nfs.

Oh well, when I upgraded my stations to -34 I didn't do the servers (to keep
downtime to a minimum). Looks like I'll have to do them now.

Thanks to the above, and to anyone else who responds later!


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