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From: Peter Kim (
Date: Sun Mar 17 1996 - 08:57:04 CST


Few weeks ago I posted the following:


  I am looking for icons which I can use on CDE for common applications
  such as FrameMaker, Z-Mail, and ClearCase. Thanks.

I received some emails but did not find readily-available icons for
above applications. So I had to use create action/icon editor in the
CDE application manager to create actions/icons for these applications.

When an action is created, the action is placed in the home directory.
Using the file folder I see the action name but not the icon. I tried
all the reload functions in the desktop tools folder but still the icon
was not visible. It become visible only after I logged out and logged
in again.

Here are some emails I received and some follow-up articles posted on
the same question on the solaris USENET group:
Try to get the Antony Icons. The Name is something like AIcons.???.tar.gz
This is a really big mixture of icons, but you have to convert them for
your purpose because CDE needs icons of different sizes. If you get other
answers relating this problem please forward them to me, because I'm also
interrested in this.
They are just XPM. Lots of sources on the Web and have them.
Me too!!
Currently I use the icon editor and grab images from the particular
It would be nice if there were a archive of actions/datatypes and icons for
popular applications.
Please forward a summary...
: Here is what I do. I start the app in question and iconify it. Then,
: I use xwd -out <filename> and click in the icon window (to make this
: better, you could specify the switch to ignore the manager frame) to
: make an xwd dump of the icon. Then, I use ImageMagick to edit the xwd
: file, first cropping it to 48x48 (the big icon size), then saving it
: to an xpm format, then quantizing colors to 11 and saving it again.
: Then, I resize the image to 32x32 (and 16x16 if I think I'll want that
: one) and save those, always quantizing the color map to 11 or less
: colors. Works for me every time.
: Now, what I need is the icons (whatever size they really are) for the
: SparcWorks development kit, especially debugger and codemgrtool.
: You can perform all this function directly from CDE's Icon Editor --
: Grab off the screen, resize, in addition to using the dynamic
: colors (transparent, shadows etc) controlled by the style manager.

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