Summary: Using Storage Array Disks for /, usr, swap?

From: Fletcher Cocquyt (
Date: Fri Mar 15 1996 - 11:11:45 CST

Thanks to the many who replied (close to 20!)
The answer I think is most accurate is from:

Chris Terry/Computervision

You have been able to use the Storage Array Disks for you systems partitions
since Solaris 2.4 and the Hardware 3/95 release where the ssd (sparcstorage
scsi disk) driver was part of the "known" kernel loadable modules.

I suspect that Online:Disksuite/Solstice:Disksuite version 4.0 probably shipped
without updating that page in the manual from version 3.0.

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Fellow Admins,

On page one of the DiskSuite 4.0 Installation and Product Notes manual it
"SPARCStorage Array (SSA) disks can not presently be used for /, swap or
/usr filesystems"

There is no explanation why it can not be done...and we don't remember
seeing the same warning in previous versions.
Sun Service was unaware of the issue at all when asked about it.
We are currently using the SSA disks for /, /usr and swap.
What terrible things can we expect to happen?

SS20 running Sol2.5 with latest rev of the Storage Array patch (103017-02)
Storage Array with latest firmware (3.4)

Is anyone else using SSA disks for these filesystems (an swap?)

We are currently experiencing SSA Timeout problems which could possibly be

Any info appreciated, and I will summarize,

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