Serial Number Help SUMMARY(sort of)

From: Tom Trainor (
Date: Thu Mar 14 1996 - 09:47:33 CST


A while ago I asked for help on finding a software way to get the serial number
that is on a sticker on the back of my Sparcs..The ultimate wind up was there
is no way (tried sysinfo, nice tool but no cigar) to get it except read it off
the sticker. Since a lot of our Suns are crammed in spaces where it's almost
impossible to see the numbers without de-installing the machines a couple of
folks suggested a mirror to read the back of the pizza-boxes and I must confess
(mea-culpa) that I thought it was kind of silly. It was too darn simple...I
wanted a hex number from the kernal the 2nd derivitave of which would be input
into an inverse trigonometric integral giving me an encrypted number
decipherable only by the rosetta stone. (anyone out there empathize?)

Anyway I tried it and it worked from now on I will KISS*

Apologies to those clear-headed and simple-approach types who gave me the
mirror suggestion!



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