SUMMARY: Which Sparc system?

From: Dave Roberts (
Date: Wed Mar 13 1996 - 10:49:05 CST

Excerpt from original posting on Tue, 12 Mar 1996 13:42:22 +0000 (GMT):

> I am looking for advice on which Sparc system to buy. I think I have
> narrowed it down to a SparcServer 5 or an UltraServer1 Model 140.
> Basic config I require is 96MB RAM, 2GB Disc running Solaris 2.4. To be
> used by about 10 people developing Motif applications, client/server and
> general comms software in C and C++.

Thanks to all who replied, who to date are: Casper Dik, Edgar
Der-Danieliantz, Frederic Piard, Mike Ordun, Simon-Bernard Drolet,
Michael J. Shon, Salvatore Saieva, Richard J. Niziak, Mike Salehi, Bob
Reardon, Kenneth Simpson, Rick Finche, ld kelley, Russ Poffenberger and
no doubt some more one the way.

General opinion is to go for the UltraSparc, as it's the future
technology (certainly for now). Some suggested an SS20, but I think the
Ultra is going to suit our needs better.

Thanks to all those pointing out that the Ultra needs Solaris 2.5 and not

And finally, 4mm DATs seem the way to go, with quite a few still running

Again, many thanks.

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