SUMMARY: Bootp that supports DHCP ?

From: Daniel Lorenzini (
Date: Wed Mar 13 1996 - 13:09:21 CST


My original question is appended to this message. I received several
answers with pointers, and, in one case, with code!

In summary, version 2.4 of bootp supports DHCP, and there are also
straight DHCP servers. They can be obtained from:
        [somewhere-at-CMU] dhcp-3.3.6

Information is also available at:

My sincere thanks to the following for their replies:

        james mularadelis <>
        Randy Grimshaw <> (Erik J. Tolido)
        John Justin Hough <>
        "Michael S. Fischer" <>
        Colin Linahan <>

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-------------- Original posting -----------------

We are getting lots of:

    bootpd[14044]: bad addr len from from Ethernet address 52:41:53:20:04:2F

in /var/adm/messages on our bootp servers, and I am told that these are
generated by PC's using DHCP. So, can anyone direct me to a version of
bootpd that understands these messages? Thanks.

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