SUMMARY- Jetadmin Problems under Solaris 2.5/Ultra 1

From: Craig Gruneberg (
Date: Wed Mar 13 1996 - 08:03:16 CST

My original question was:

I think I experienced all of the possible pitfalls with the
installation of HPs network printing software previously for Solaris
2.3/2.4. But it looks like there are some new ones with HPs latest D
release of the software.

The problem I am having is that only root can print from the Ultra.
All the diagnostics with the JetAdmin software passed ( but they are
run as root ). I thought back to when I had the same situation under
release C of their code and proceeded to check the permissions on
/dev/null- but they do not use /dev/null as the destination anymore.
After checking /dev/queue_name and verifying that it had the correct
perms, I trashed release D and am now waiting for a very slow feed of
release C from HPs FTP site, very SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. They do not
list support for SOL 2.5 but I thought I had a chance through binary

Has anyone else worked through this problem yet?

Replies follow with some very useful information but nothing hit on the
solution for me. Casper's suggestion of trussing lpsched led me to
discover that if I lpshut and then lpsched after the system has booted
to the multiuser state, printing worked fine for all. After checking
to see if there were any file/dir perm differences between the state
immediately after boot versus after running lpshut and lpsched, I gave
up and installed:


which works fine.


Edited responses follow:

From: (Brett Lymn)

  I am not sure about Solaris but under SunOS they would hide a file
  that started with a "." in the spooling directory, perhaps they have
  done this to you??? Also check the permissions on all the interfaces
  files to make sure they have not broken those.

>From casper@holland.Sun.COM Fri Mar 8 03:33 EST 1996

  Check the permissions in /etc/lp/interfaces. Or run lpsched under truss -f
  Most likely, some script/file permission is wrong.

From: (Colin Johnston (Research Assistant))

  Hi Craig,
  I just went through a installation of the D0037 software
  Everything seems to go smoothly with no incompatibilities apart
  from slow download time of the software. I eventually asked
  my friend who works for a commercial IP provider to download
  it for me (4.6Mb final size approx)
  HP European tech support say that the software has not
  been tested with Sol 2.5 but they have some customers who have
  given feedback to say it works ok.
  Are you sure you have setup the lp stuff as well.

  The only bug found so far however is that the DeviceMonitor program
  core dumps when I ask for extented information in the options menu.

From: (Stephen Harris)

  I saw this with 2.4 and older JetAdmin software.
  Ensure the printer log files are world writeable - that was my
  problem :-(

From: Marcelo Goncalves Narciso <>

  There is two patches to install: 101945-36 and 101959-06.

From: Kevin Dillow <>

  I have recently had a similar problem on a Solaris 2.4 platform. I found
  the problem to be the permissions on the file:
  Root was the only one with permission to write to this file.
  Hope this helps.

>From Fri Mar 8 09:16 EST 1996

  Here is a response that I sent to a guy last year describing what I
  had to do to solve this problem with an older version of the JetAdmin
  stuff. I don't know if this still holds true for the new version or
  not, we haven't tried it yet. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it :)

> From Fri Jun 2 15:06:04 1995
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> Dave,
> Sorry I couldn't respond before, but I'd never had to deal with the
> jetadmin stuff before. Now I have. We tried running our system via the
> jetdirect's lpd print daemon. We had been testing this for serveral
> weeks with what seemed like only minor printing problems. Yesterday,
> we moved all of our DOS/Windows printing clients (about 30) to this
> print server. Those little problems became HUGE problems and we
> decided to try this jetadmin thing. The problem we ran into is that we
> would send jobs to the spool and all the log files claimed that the
> job was printed, but nothing ever appeared at the printer. After
> looking at the net_lj4x model we noticed that it was logging (rather
> verbosely) to the /var/spool/lp/logs/lpsched file. This file had and
> directory did not have world write permission and since the print
> script is run with the uid of the user, it needs world write
> permission to this file. Once we changed the permissions, printing
> worked as advertised.

From: (James Coby)
Subject: Re: Problem with JetAdmin/Solaris 2.5/Ultra1

  Don't know if this will help but it was on the net a few days ago.
  Am sending it as it was a 2.5 printer fix/workaround.


  Subject: SUMMARY:Printing with hp deskjet under solaris2.5
  Date: Fri, 01 Mar 1996 08:17:49 +0100
  Reply-To: Wolfgang Leideck <>
  Followup-To: junk
  I have solved my problem with printing with the hp deskjet. First some
  words for clarification. The mach ine is a non networked standalone
  sparc2 with solaris2.5 now. The printer is connected via serial port b
  . So the jetadmin software doesn't help me. I use a script that have
  done its work under solaris2.3 and
  solaris2.4. Also all permissions in /var/spool/lp/log and /var/lp and
  /usr/lib/lp are all correct. Nevertheless only root could print. So
  i've change the permission of /u sr/bin/lp to u+s and now users other
  than root can print too. But i think this solution is more a workar

From: (Kenneth Simpson)

  Hi - I installed

      NAME: JetAdmin for Unix
  CATEGORY: application
      ARCH: sparc
   VERSION: D.00.37
      DESC: HP Network Printer support package
    PSTAMP: hpbs3724951127123952
  INSTDATE: Feb 23 1996 22:47
    STATUS: completely installed
     FILES: 215 installed pathnames
                 6 shared pathnames
                29 directories
               134 executables
              9316 blocks used (approx)

  on a SPARC-20 running Solaris 2.5 and it works fine.

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