SUMMARY: SS20 SCSI Questions (was: SS10 SCSI Questions)

From: Dave Cherkus (
Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 19:30:21 CST

The subject of the original mail was wrong. It should have read
SS20 SCSI Questions.

The answers to my questions are:

1) Do not apply TERMPWR to any drives. On true Sun platforms, do not
   terminate any internal drives. With clones, your mileage may vary.
   In my case, I did need to terminate the last internal drive.
   Terminate the end of the external SCSI bus. Use an active terminator
   at the end of the external SCSI bus. Active terminators can usually
   be identified by the presence of a green LED.

2) See #1.

3) Keep cable length as short as possible. Cable lengths listed in standards
   correspond to ideal situations. The real world figure may be less. Cable
   vendors: Cable Connection, Andataco (

The true nature of my problem appears to be the usual SCSI culprits: a
misunderstanding about jumper settings, and a bad cable.

Thanks to:

"Matthew R. Westover" <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Gary W. Cook)

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