SUMMARY: SLC Locks Part Way Through Boot

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 14:35:58 CST

I wrote:

>I have a problem SLC which is locking up part-way through
>bootup. I've tried booting from disk, CD, and from a network
>install server with essentially similar results, though details
>differ. The system has 16MB RAM, with 4 SIMM's.
>For Solaris 2.5, the copyright message appears and the spinner
>goes for a while (several minutes when booting from CD; a shorter
>period when booting via the net). It then just stops. Usually,
>but not every time, it lands with LED #3 lit and the system completely
>locked up. It must be power-cycled, as L1-A won't work. (When
>I mention the SLC's LED's, I mean those which can be seen by
>peering down into the case from above, not the keyboard LED's.)
>When booting SunOS 4.1.4 from the CD, a number of standard bootup
>messages appear, the last of which is:
> dump on ns0b fstype spec size 4776K
>At this point, the *keyboard* LED's blink (all of them at once)
>and the system again locks up, this time with LED's 2-3 lit. As
>with Solaris 2.5, the system is completely locked up.
>I've run the boot prom's 'test-memory' with no output, though
>when I do, the system LED's end up with 1, 2, and 3 lit.
>None of these LED patterns match those printed in the SLC's
>Installation and Repair Guide, not can I find a match in my
>FE Handbook. Both publications talk about blinking LED's;
>these are either on or off, with nothing blinking.
>Any help appreciated.

I had just one reply, from Caspar Dik, who suggested swapping
in a new keyboard. This didn't do the trick. It would appear
the machine's dead, either the system board or memory SIMM(s)
bad (or both). Given the age and value of these machines,
I've decided not to pursue getting it repaired.

Tim Evans 
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