SUMMARY: no access to tty

From: Jane Qu (
Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 13:38:38 CST

Sorry for the delay. Thanks to George Roman, Daniel Blander and Adrian Cole
for kindly responding to my question. I ended up with reinstalling the
system including the patches on the CD.
What is the cause? I do not have the expertise to figure out the cause behind
the scenes but I think I may know how this happened. The first time I started
openlook after "boot cdrom" but before installing the patches on the CD.
The installation manual says not to do so. The second time I did not
start openlook until all the patches on the CD were installed. The problem
did not happen.


My original question is:

> Hi,
> I just installed Solaris 2.4 released 11/94 on our Sparc 20.
> Installation went smoothly. I worked on it briefly after that and it
> appeared to me just fine.
> Then I halted the system and installed all the patches from the same CD
> with the option -u (skip the validation step). The patches were installed
> successfully. But now I have some problem:
> If I log on as qu(regular user), it starts openwin(.login starts openwin)
> From the backgroup main menu, I can not start shell tool or command tool or
> xterm. what happens is that, i.e., a shell tool, comes up but disappears
> right away. I can start file manager, text editor, mailtool or other
> applications from the main menu.
> If I delete openwin command from .login, it'll log qu out right away when qu
> tries to log on.(I do not think qu account is set up to log out automatically
> although I am not absolutely sure)
> If I log on as root and "su qu" or "su - qu", I get this warning:
> tcsetpgrp:warning: no access to tty (Invalid argument).
> Thus no job control in this shell.
> What goes wrong?

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