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  OFFICE MEMO SUMMARY : root to write to NFS disk Date:12/3/96

Wow! Such helpful people and fantastic response! Thanks to the following and
to any I may have accidentally missed out.

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The answer is:
Set -o root=machine1:machine2,ro=machine0,rw=machine1:machine2
in your dfstab. This gives machine1 and 2 r/w access and root access, while
machine0 for reading only.

Setting the option -anon is a security risk.

Original question:
On SunOS, we can allow root to write to NFS disks by putting the option
"-anon=0" in /etc/exports. I tried to do that for Solaris 2.4 by putting the
option in /etc/dfs/dfstab and then sharing it. But root still cannot write to
the disk. Running share, I can see the disk is exported with the "-anon=0"
option. Again all help is appreciated and I will summarize.

Stanley Tam

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