SUMMARY: 2.5 x86 MDB Boot Diskette Corrupted

From: Tony Costa (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 13:04:15 CST

Many Thanks to all who responded. My problem was:

>Greetings Esteemed Sun Managers,
>I did a dumb thing and smoked my Solaris 2.5 x86 MDB Boot Diskette.
>Booting fails with the error message:
>Incomplete MDBoot load.
>Is there a way to download a disk image or obtain a fresh copy -
>short of abject groveling at my local Sun Office?
>I tried fixing the diskette file system on my Linux box but only got
>. and .. in root.
>Your help is much appreciated as I won't be allowed to play with any of
>my toys until this problem is solved. I will post a summary of >responses.

I received many helpful responses that looked like this one from D. Van

>Download 2.5 Driver Update 1 from SunSoft's support site:
> Follow the links.
>Du1 is an improved version of the boot diskette that came with your software

The boot update is also available from uunet as Leonard Sitongia pointed out:

>I think you can freely get the latest driver update, which includes the
>boot disk, from Sun, via anon ftp to in the directory

Thanks again,

                                             Tony Costa
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