Summary: Bus Error(coredump) netscape2.0 (fwd): I solved it!

From: Zhiyi Huang (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 09:27:20 CST

I checked the output of 'truss' again, and found that the
I was using is old and core dumped my netscape.

The older one has: 313992 bytes. The new one has: 330956 bytes.


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First of all, I apologize to send a very big 'turss' output to this
list and waste your bandwide.

My original question is:
I have a Solaris2.4, sparc20, and I installed netscape2.0 offical version
on it.

whenever I try to open an URL, I get a coredump.

I got one 'me-too' from Ken Ferguson <>.

I tried:
   netscape -install
   netscape -ncol n
   netscape -mono

But whenever I try to open an URL, I still get a bus error and coredump.
Which means, I don't have a color related problem.

When I checked my 'truss' output, I found some errors pointed to
Some experts on this?

 Special thanks to Rachel Polanskis <>,she

 try Netscape with the following arguments:

netscape -install

This will give netscape its own colourmap. You will also get the dreaded
screen flash when
swapping windows.

 People are reporting that Netscape does not manage colour maps
particularly well,
and it dumps core when getting images.

If that works then try:

netscape -ncols n

where n is a number between 16 and 256.

It lets you set the size of the colourmap.


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