SUMMARY: SPARCstorage array recovery

From: Michael Pavlov (
Date: Thu Mar 07 1996 - 12:24:52 CST

Thanks to Alan Pickett (

on the good storage array....
        vxprint -hmQq -g groupname > quick_fix
On the wayward array:
        For each disk group bring the disks online thus
                vmdisk online cXtYdZs2
        (the disks can be greped from "quick_fix" but remember to
        change the controller number.)

        Reinitialise the diskgroup using one its original disks
                vxdg init lostdg lostdg01=c1t2d3s2
        Add the Remaining disks to the disk group
                vxdg -g lostdg adddisk02=c1t2d4s2
        Now for the wizzy bit....
                vxmake -g lostdg -d quick_fix
        At this point quick fix may require massaging to remove unwanted
        fields ie dm, dg,
        Actually this procedure is for if you have taken a vxprint of
        your current configuration which you are rebuilding. So will
        be best to delete as much of the group id's as possible and just
        use the structural info. The data may not survive,
        but let me know how you get on.

        Stick vxprint in crontab to take a config dump on a
        regular basis.


I figured out
vxprint -hmQq -g groupname > quick_fix
vxmake -g lostdg -d quick_fix
part on my own last night, but before that I
 recreated disks group and added disks manualy.
The joy came when I ran vxmake command - all volumes/plexes came back

PS. Good advice came from bfr7kq6@is000913.BELL-ATL.COM (Boss)
he recomended to save all Volume Manager commands during GUI operation
creating volumes/plexes to a file, which u can ran later to recreate the

Thanks to all who responded:
bfr7kq6@is000913.BELL-ATL.COM (Boss)
John Cheshire <>

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