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From: Dave McFerren (
Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 09:55:04 CST

Hi sun-managers -
Once again, I am impressed not only with the scope of experience of this group, but also thier willingness to share.

This was my original plea....

>Hi sun-managers,
>I know this is a little off the beaten track, but I am looking for a package that will do problem tracking in developing software. Our programmers are thinking about writing their own, but I am sure there are freeware, shareware, or fairly inexpensive packages that will do this for us. Can any of you tell me where or who I could contact to get such a beast?

>Thanks for any help at all,

I have had many responses, and I hope to list all of those that responded, but if I miss anyone, please excuse the omission.

From: Pell Emanuelsson <>...
        here's an excellent summary available in the archives ( -- search for "helpdesk".

From: Ashish Parikh <ashish@Savantage.Com>
        Try GNATS from GNU. Available from It is pretty good package. Not very extensible but you can re-interpret things for your own needs. There is also a package called OpenTrack (ot) which is used by OSF. There are several packages available commercially. Pure software has one called DDTs.

From: (Mike R. Phillips 3788)
Remedy Corp - ARS Action Request System (general problem tracking)
Pure Software - DDTS Distributed Default Tracking System (software tracking)
We use Remedy ARS as we want to use the software as a platform for all sorts of event driven processes.

From: (Mark Owens)
we use something called gnats... availible from the GNU archives. A neat front end the runs under tk, called tkgnats, is also around (for this you'll need tcl and tk too...)

From: Gene Rackow <>
Take a look at "req" /pub/sysadmin

From: Philip Plane <>
I know of two free packages, xpts and gnats. I've tried both and still use
xpts. I can't remember why I dumped gnats, but xpts works and was easy
to set up.

From: Gary Lee <>
We use and like Req.

From: Markus Buchhorn <>
Try: /pub/sysadmin/req-1.2.7.tar.gz
                             and tkreq-1.10.tar.gz
and sundry related bits.
Seems to work well for lots of problem tracking operations. Might be a bit too helpdesk oriented though.
Perhaps also check out 'pts' (and I think 'tk-pts') from GNU (any of their

From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
GNATS - the GNU tracking stuff - is a good start.

From: "Mike D. Kail" <>
GNATS is a bug-tracking tool available via anonymous ftp from:

From: Salvatore Saieva <>
I'm in the market for the same thing. Pure Software has a bug tracking
product called PureDDTS that is integrated in with their other software
development tools; I'm going to eval this. You can reach Pure Software at
(408) 720-1600.

On the free side, GNU has a product called gnats. The gnats distribution
comes with a Tk/TCL GUI front-end. You can download the gnats source from

There is a company called Remedy that develops the best (or most popular)
help desk software. I'm in the process of contacting them now.

From: (Gregory M Polanski)
DDTS 408-748-9500 Pure/Qualtrak Corp.
Beth McGee Pure (Qualtrack) 408-748-9500x124
Beth McGee Pure (Qualtrack) 408-748-8468 FAX
Mike Rich (Mpls) Pure (Qualtrack) 408-524-3603
Mike Rich (Mpls) Pure (Qualtrack) 408-720-9200 FAX
Beth,Sandra,Pete (Boston) Pure (Qualtrack) 617-270-0665
Flower Pure (Qualtrack) 408-524-3645

From: (Kurt Werth ph2493)
Check out "Razor" from Tower Concepts: .

Thanks again for all your help.

Dave McFerren
Tybrin Commercial Systems Administrator
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