SUMMARY:Problem printing to remote printers

Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 08:51:32 CST

I think we have solved (or at least worked around) our problem...First the original problem.

> Fellow Managers,
> We are currently having a problem with printing. We have a SPARC20 running
> Solaris 2.4 printing to multiple HP LaserJet 4SI's connected to a Xyplex terminal
> server (we have tried models 1600, 1608 and 1620). The printers are setup as remote
> BSD printers.
> The problem we see is, if one of the printers goes offline (out of paper or someone
> takes the printer offline) the SUN reports the status of all printers on that
> terminal server as 'system not responding' and the system will not be able to print
> to any of these printers until this printer comes back online. This system has the lp
> jumbo patch (101959-06) applied.
> These printers are also available from a VAX running MULTInet, this VAX has no problems
> printing to other printers while one is offline.

Upon further testing we have found that LPD on Solaris 2.3 and Solaris 2.5 do not have a problem.
Apparently, SUN knows of this problem but has not commited to producing a fix, however, our local
SUN support folks have given us a workaround.

>From SUN....

When a job is being sent to a printer on a Xyplex terminal server, and the
printer goes off line, the terminal server sends a packet to the unix host
that seems to indicate Do-Not-Disturb. The unix host will not send any
printer packets to the terminal server - not even for other printers or
to get the queue status, until a Resume packet is sent from the terminal
server to the host. It is not like closing the TCP window, because
the Unix host doesn't send any printer packets at all to the terminal

Each terminal server is given multiple host names, so to Solaris it appears
as though each printer is on a separate terminal server. A Do-Not-Disturb
packet from one printer, will not affect printing on any others.


FILE: /etc/hosts xyplex1 xyplex1_01 xyplex1_02

Note that the entry for the xyplex terminal server also defines two aliases
for the system - xyplex1_01 and xyplex1_02. Create one for each printer
connected to the terminal server.

FILE: /etc/lp/Systems
(comment bits removed)


Add an entry for each new alias.

FILE: /etc/lp/printers/.../configuration
Where ... is the printer name.

        Content types: any
        Printer type: unknown
        Remote: xyplex1_01

Change the Remote value to an alias. Only use each host name once!


We gave this a try and it seems to work.

Thanks to those who responded.


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