SUMMARY: Paraller port of SS-20

From: I. Prijoto - GeoQuest Jakarta (
Date: Tue Mar 05 1996 - 09:13:10 CST

Hello Sun-managers,

I was posting about /dev/bpp0 paralel port that doesn't works
under Sun Sparc Station-20, and it was working fine with our SS-10.

I get 6 fast reply. All of them telling me that there is a hardware
problem in some of the SS-20 and some SS-10 for parallel port.
The solution is to get a replacement from SUN.

I had connected my SS-20 to Tektronix Phaser-III. It doesn't work.
BUT when I connected to HP DeskJet 1600C, It works fine.
Seem That the device ready signal was change to another pin. It mean
that there should be a work around to bypass the device ready signal.

 Thanks to :
Vic Germani <>
John Rosenberg <> (Martin Achilli) (Olav Lerbrekk)
Todd Pfaff <>

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