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Thanks to two who responded.

Here's 1:

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>When exiting the NIS+ database manager (using admintool) I get:
>Method program unexpectedly terminated with signal 13
>Any clues out there? I'm very new to Sun and Unix and it doesn't look like
>this is affecting anything. But....

It is a bug. I bugged SunService support continuously until they logged a
bug report about it. - only when I got this it was signal 11 not 13 - see

Workaround: Learn to use the command line interface to NIS+ (nistbladm etc.)
- it is more flexible, faster and it works.

Here's 2:


Hi - if you type

        kill -l

it lists the signals. Count 13 in and it looks like it's complaining about
a pipe - probably a broken pipe. At worse, something may not have gotten
updated and you simply lost the data - or it's just complaining about the
way you exited from the application. In any case, the only thing that effected
would be whatever you changed. Hence, check your changes and if everything
looks fine then I would ignore it.

-- Ken

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Fix: You need to dismantle NIS+ and start again - but that dosn't gaurantee
that the problem won't occur again.

>Bug Id: 1211747
> Category: sysadmin
> Subcategory: admin_methods
> Bug/Rfe: bug
> Synopsis: admintool fails with "Method program unexpectedly terminated
with signal 11"
> Keywords: admintool,admintool.display,method,user,manager,nis+
> Severity: 3
> Priority: 4
> Responsible Engineer:
> Description:
>Customer is using admintool's user manager to modify user accounts in his
NIS+ environment.
>He has loaded all the right patches for this release
>102277-02 SunOS 5.4: fixes
>101973-10 SunOS 5.4: Jumbo patch for ypbind and libnsl
>102153-04 SunOS 5.4: Admintool Jumbo patch
>The customer selects NIS+ as the naming service, a pop up of all users
appears. He then double clicks on any user and he gets the error:
>"Method program unexpectedly terminated with signal 11 "
>A core file is also created.
>(/usr/snadm/classes/user/admintool.display is the owner of the core file)
>It happens for all users, and he is running the tool as root on the NIS+
>He has made me a copy of his /var/nis and other files and sent them to me.
>I set up a system in the lab like his, ( with duplicate IP address/hostname )
>and I get the same problem. All the other admintool windows work fine and
nistbladm works fine too. Customer says it all used to work and 'broke' one
>I have trussed the admintool.display process and this is where it fails:
>25864: getpid() = 25864 [25863]
>25864: getuid() = 0 [0]
>25864: putmsg(5, 0xEFFFB794, 0xEFFFB8FC, 0) = 0
>25864: poll(0x0005E2CC, 1, 6000) = 1
>25864: getmsg(5, 0xEFFFB7B0, 0x00052808, 0xEFFFB7FC) = 0
>25864: Incurred fault #6, FLTBOUNDS %pc = 0xEF2D7540
>25864: siginfo: SIGSEGV SEGV_MAPERR addr=0x00000000
>25864: Received signal #11, SIGSEGV [default]
>25864: siginfo: SIGSEGV SEGV_MAPERR addr=0x00000000
>25864: *** process killed ***

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