SUMMARY2:Installing jumpstart software

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 01:37:33 CST

Some people are missing steps to do a jumpstart installation
. So here they are:
1. Create a install server
   - mount the cd rom on the server or remote with the
solaris cd
   - goto ~cdrom/s0
   - call setup_install_server <install_dir_path with
enough size ~330MB>

2. Add the sun which should be installed with jumpstart
   - goto <install_dir_path>
   - call add_install_client like that
     ./add_install_client -c server:jumpstart_dir_path \
                          -s server:install_dir_path \
                          hostname platform(sun4c,sun4m,etc)
3. Create the jumpstart_dir_path
   - mkdir jumpstart_dir_path
   - goto ~cdrom/s0
   - do a
> cp -r auto_install_sample/* jumpstart_dir_path

4. Enable all systems to access ther jumpstart directory
   - add a line in /etc/dfs/dfstab
     share -F nfs -o ro,anon=0 jumpstart_dir_path
   - do a unshareall and shareall
   - add a line in your bootparams table like that and make
     * install_config=server:jumpstart_dir_path

5. Create a profile (look at the examples in the install
guide or in the
   jumpstart directory)
   I do only a upgrade so here is my profile (called
   install_type upgrade

6. Create a rules file (called rules)
   See also in the examples. Here a typical line from me
   hostname fyndhorn && karch sun4m - upgrade -
   This line says that before the upgrade runs the host
should be fyndhorn and
   his kernel architecture should be sun4m

7. Check the rules file with 'check' in the jumpstart

8. Now you are ready to boot your hosts with 'boot net -
install' at the prom.

Thats it. Hope this helps

Wolfgang Leideck
University of Mannheim
Department of Practical Computer Science III
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