CORRECTION to SUMMARY - upgrading from SunOS 4.1.X to Solaris 2.5

From: Dan A. Zambon (
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 08:12:37 CST

Hi Netters,
In my summary posted yesterday, I misquoted (actually, was blatently WRONG)
about a couple of items (hopefully this is all...:>()

I said:

>-With Solars 2.5, there is a feature called NIS+, which is very
>different from NIS, as far as administration is concerned. There is
>a problem with converting NIS servers to Solaris 2.x, as there is
>no ypserv. This is taken car of by acquiring NISKIT from Sun.
>Supposedly, it includes a 2.x compatible ypserv replacement.

In Fact: As of Solaris2.5 the NIS server is included in the OS distribution.

I also said:

>I am still, however,
>looking for a COMPLETE chart with SunOS 4.1.x commands and their Solaris 2.5

In Fact:

        The Solaris2.5 System administration answerbook contains the Solaris1.x
        to Solaris2.x transition guide. It lists all the user utility commands
        and what their counterparts are if not the same. It also lists all
        C library calls and Unix system calls in a similiar fashion.

        The ST tool (Source transition tool) is lacking documentation on the
        migration kit cd. you can get it on sun's web page.

Many thanks to Andy for the corrections. I do try my best to pass out CORRECT
information, but sometimes.....:>(

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