SUMMARY: ppp device used in ifconfig ipd0 or ipdptp0

From: Harel (
Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 02:35:07 CST


My question.

> I am trying to setup a ppp dial in server and so I configured the
> /etc/ file
> trying to /etc/init.d/asppp start gave me an error about no device
> looking at /dev I really saw no device of the kind.
> What's wrong ?

The closest ones were

Leonard Sitongia <>
who said:

> Is it Solaris 2.4? At one point in time, there was a problem with the
> order of the installation of PPP packages under Solaris, and it caused
> the device to not be created by the post-installation script. Try
> reinstalling the two PPP packages (I think one is root and the other
> is usr; I don't know which is which). If that doesn't work, try reinstalling
> with the other order.

and (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
who said:

> Have you installed teh PPP packages, SUNWapppk, SUNWappu and SUNWappr.
> It is important to install SUNWappr last as it has a postinstall script
> that depends on the previous packages already being installed.

What I forgot was mention that as MR Leonard Sitongia guessed the machine was
indeed Solaris 2.4 . I also didn't mention that the three packages were
installed as I checked using pkginfo just like the book says.

I didn't reinstall the packages.
What I finally did was cd to /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWappr and invoked the post
install script which created the device nodes as required.

thanks a bundle to:
"Gregory G. Goldstein - Email:" <>
Leonard Sitongia <>
Andrew Charles Storms <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

For the great help


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