summary: 24 bit image editing on Sun

From: Chris Eastman (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 12:03:50 CST

Thanks to all the Sun managers that responded - the initial question was
"what commercial or public domain applications exist for 24 bit image
editing on the Sun platform."

Martin Achilli <> - suggested ImageMagick

The following people suggested Adobe PhotoShop 3.0 for the Sun platform:
Salvatore Saieva <>

Gregory M Polanski <> - uses Pixel!FX from Mentalix
Phone: (214) 423-9377 x18
Fax: (214) 423-1145

Mr. Polanski also recommended the following PD packages:
xv 3.10a
xvnews 2.3.2

John Rosenberg <> - recommended several medical
imaging packages, unfortunately none of which support 24 bit imaging.

Mark Bergman <> - suggested I look into GIMP, a
Berkeley product. GIMP is developed primarily for the Linux platform
from what I understand.

Justin Young <> - recommended xv from


I was not aware that PhotoShop was available for the Sun platform, I have
used Photoshop 3.0 on the Intel platform quite a bit and overall I don't
think there is another package out there that can compete. On a side
note, Sun Express deals exclusively with Adobe for the Sun version of
PhotoShop, I just received the evaluation version from SunEx overnight
Fedex and I hope to get it installed sometime this weekend.



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