summary: tcpdump front end modifications

From: Chris Eastman (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 12:15:33 CST

Thanks again to all of the managers that responded in regards to my
recent question - what front end utilities exist for tcpdump that make
filtering the raw data easier from a sysadmin perspective?

"R. M. DuFresne" <>
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Subject: Re: tcpdump modifications
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Don't recall who created the package, but it's in the doc's, I'm sending
you a number of files here all related to this package. Please do let me
know if this is what you are looking for for I'm still looking about for
some stuffs for myself and if I run into something else you seek I'll be
happy to send it/em your way.

Ron DuFresne

From: Ron DuFresne <>
To: Chris Eastman <>
Cc: firewalls@GreatCircle.COM
Subject: Re: tcpdump modifications
There's a motif Xwindows add-on for tcpdump that you maybe looking for, I
found and have a copy of the version for linux, and I think it had all
the makefiles for a number of other *nix's. Claims it will also read
sniffer files too. Let me know if you'd like me to send you a copy...
Ron DuFresne


For anyone interested, I will send over the sources that Ron forwarded me.


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