SUMMARY: Non-Sun NIS clients have problems with NIS+ NIS Compatibility.

From: Karl Kopper (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 12:25:49 CST

My Original Post:

>Can non-Sun NIS servers ypxfr maps from Sun NIS+ Root servers?
>We would like to run our NIS+ Root server in NIS Compatibility mode so
>that an HP NIS server can get the tables via ypxfr. We have several HP-UX
>9.01 clients (and some DEC OSF/Ultrix machines) that seem to want to stay bound
>to the HP-UX NIS "replica" server (strange things happen when they
>"bind" to NIS+ NIS compatible Sun servers).
>But, ypxfr on the HP complains that these "maps" don't exist:
> group.bygid,
> passwd.bygid
> hosts.byname.
>Any hope of this configuration working? How are you mixing
>your "legacy" non-Sun NIS client machines with NIS+ ?

We've switched from NIS+ to the Solaris NIS software known as NISKit
(version 1.2). It is now shipped with the Solaris 2.5 CDs (but
this version works on 2.4). For all the details see:

NISKit allows us to have "true" NIS servers on Solaris which can
perform ypxfr to specified non-Sun YP slave servers.

Many thanks to:

The Sun Support Engineers.
imp@Orbotech.Co.IL (Cyril Plisko). (Amy Hollander).


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