SUMMARY: PCNFSpro 2.0 and Windows 95

From: Ralf Lehmann at (
Date: Sat Feb 24 1996 - 06:32:41 CST

Dear sunmanagers,

i didn't post a request, but i know that a lot of people collect all
summaries. To share my experience about PCNFSpro 2.0 and to collect further
information i am posting this summary.

        P90-PCI with 24MBytes Ram and 3 GBytes Disk Space.
        3COM Ethernet PCI Card.
        Upgraded from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 with TCP/IP
        Stack from Windows 95 and MS-Internet Explorer

        Sun IPX with Solaris 2.3 and 3 GBytes Disk Space.

After installing PCNFSpro 2.0 the NFS-Client was working fine.
The NFS-Server of the PC complained on startup about a missing
file Nfswnet.dll. There was only a file named Nfswnet.drv. Simply

        rename Nfswnet.drv to Nfswnet.dll

and the NFS-Server on the PC worked fine.

But now none of the programs like MS-Explorer, FTP-Tool or Telnet wasn't
working anymore. Neither did the PCNFSpro Programs like Netscape.
The MS-Programs all complained about a missing file Wsock32.dll. This
file was renamed by the PCNFSpro installation. Renaming it to Wsock32.dll
solved this problem, but they were still not working.
Having a look on the net with snoop, showed that the PC finished all
TCP connections soon after they were established. The System wizard reported
that both TCP/IP Stacks were active. Removing one Stack solved the problem.
But now i could use only one netsuite at a time and had to reconfigure and
reboot the PC everytime i want to switch between MS-Programs and PCNFSpro
programs. I tried a lot and in the end i found a solution:

        Every TCP/IP stack has to have it own IP-Adress.

My PC now has two different IP-Adresses, but all networkprograms work
perfectly. For me this is acceptable because i run only a private network
and don't have a shortage in IP-Adresses. It may not be ok for people
who need one IP-Adress because of the Internet or a PPP connection.

I mailed these findings to the support group of my dealer. After a few days
an answer from SunSoft came back:

"It is not possible to run the PC-NFSpro stack next to the Microsoft stack at
the current time. You will need to select one or the other. Also, you can
not use two IP addresses on a single ethernet card at the same time with PC-

This is not true. My configuration works fine.

If anybody has a suggestion of how you can have one IP-Adress with both Stacks
or whether it is possible to run both network suites on one TCP/IP stack
i am happy to hear about it. I will summaries again.


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