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Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 16:15:21 CST


This my final summary (each question is followed by the answer):

Thanks to some very nice people:

"D.J.Peacock" <>
"Lefteris Ch. Skapetis" <> (Simon Morse) (Anatoly Lisovsky)

Thanks to Anatoly for pointing me towards the Sun Managers Summaries
Archives. This is a
treasure trove of good summaries!


1) We are running INN on a Sparc 5 with SunOS4.1.3_U. I get the following
message _every day_. A ps ax shows that innd is up. (Nothing in the FAQ)
To: news; Subject: Output from "cron" command
Your "cron" job $INN/bin/expire produced the following output:
Can't reserve server

        From: "D.J.Peacock" <>
        You ought to expire old news articles by running news.daily
  Comments: I was running it off cron, but for some reason it wouldn't work.

        From: "Lefteris Ch. Skapetis" <>
        The problem is that for some reason your server has been throttled or pa
        used. Use $INN/bin/innstat to see the reason. Expire cannot run if the
        server is not in the running mode. I only run news.daily from my cron in
        order to do the daily INN housekeeping and I never had any kind of
        errors like this one. You'd better run news.daily than just expire.

I did not know how to get the status of the throttled server back to running:
so I asked Lefteris again:

        From: "Lefteris Ch. Skapetis" <>
>My innstat gives me:
>Server status: Throttled.

        Is this the *exact* string you are getting???? I mean, does the dot
        (".") actually appears there? You've got to locate the *exact* string
        which was provided to throtte the server and then do ctlinnd go "string"

>For example, what reason would I give below:
>ctlinnd go ' '

        You would give this if your server was throtteld with:
        ctlinnd throttle " "
        the reason in this case is a space.

        From: (Simon Morse)
        We also had a similar problem with our server being reserved after I
        killed off an expire - every time that I tried to run "expire" or
        "newsdaily", (which does an expire as part of the processing) it gave
        the "can't reserve server" message. Basically whenever the server does
        an expire, it "reserves" the server so that no-one else can pause or
        throttle it - so when I killed off the expire it didn't release the
        reserve without giving the same reason as the reserve. To get around
        this you can run the following command which will cancel the reserve:
        ctlinnd reserve ''
        I found all this out on the INN FAQ at the following URL:
        It contains heaps of helpful information on troubleshooting and setting
        up INN news. You also might want to consider looking at the moderated
        news group news.admin.technical for helpful hints.

2) Another, possibly unrelated problem: when I set DOINNWATCH=true in in
the $INN/etc directory, and ran it, I got the following message:

# $INN/bin/innwatch:
$INN/etc/ Permission denied

$INN is abbreviation for the directory where inn's files reside. I started up as root.

        From: "D.J.Peacock" <>
        Innwatch should be started by etc/ and you only need one copy
        running at a time

        From: "Lefteris Ch. Skapetis" <>
        That means that innwatch can not write in your $INN/etc

        Check permisions of the directory, they are probably wrong. Mine are:
        drwxrwsr-x 8 news news 1536 Feb 19 16:15 /usr/local/news

        I don't think that the "s" permision on the group is necessary though.

        According to INN's manuals you can start INN as root but you have to run
        news.daily as news. I assume that $INN is owned by root and some
        procceses are run by user news or something.

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