SUMMARY - Printing to Ethernet attached laserwriter

From: Rory Clancy (
Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 11:33:30 CST

My query was:
: I'm looking for some help to configure a Sun Sparc 5, SunOS 4.1.4
: to print to a Apple IIg Laserwriter using an Ethernet connection.
: i.e The Printer is connected to the network via ethernet tranciever
: and not directly to the printer via serial or scsi etc.
: Do I require any special software, drivers, config files etc.
: Feedback from anyone whose `been there, done that' would be very
: welcome
: Thanks,
: Rory


1. The AppleLaserwriter IIg only knows how to do Appletalk PAPD print
spooling, not TCP LPD spooling

2. Need to install : netatalk

                        CAP (Columbia Appletalk Package)
                        which we already have installed and running
both of which are Appletalk stacks for unix boxes that include a PAPD client

3. man papif/lwpr and see print.cookbook in the CAP installation

4. Also, see the comp.protocols.appletalk newsgroup

More Info:
Helios EtherShare <>.

Kspool from xinet ( to send jobs via Ethertalk.

ushare software with uPrint sold by IPT

CAP can be obtained by anonymous FTP from
rutgers.EDU src/{cap60.tar.Z,cap60.patches/*}
munnari.OZ.AU mac/{cap60.tar.Z,cap.patches/*}
gatekeeper.DEC.COM pub/net/appletalk/cap/{cap60.tar.Z,cap.patches/*} net/cap/{cap60.tar.Z,cap60.patches/*.Z}
src.doc.ic.AC.UK mac/multigate/{cap60.tar.Z,cap.patches/*}

The patches are available individually or as the files "patches.1-75.tar.Z",
"patches.76-100.tar.Z" and "patches.101-125.tar.Z". Additionally, for new
users, a partially patched source file is available as "cap60.pl100.tar.Z"
(the file cap60.tar.Z is unpatched).

Thanks to : Jerry Weber

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