Summary: ftp with null password

From: Dave Rollings (
Date: Thu Feb 22 1996 - 03:17:40 CST


I wrote:

> I wonder if anyone has a neat solution to my problem. I'm setting
> up a SunOS 4.1.4 machine as an ftp server to replace an old
> Sco Xenix box. The Xenix box allowed users to 'ftp' into it with the ID
> 'dataprod', and when prompted for a password they would hit return and be
> allowed access. I would like to set our Sun machine up in a similar
> way but I cannot seem to find a sensible solution anywhere.
> I've tried setting up an anonymous ftp account up, but obviously it
> will only accept either the IDs 'ftp' or 'anonymous'. I've also
> tried wu-ftpd with the guestgroup feature but this still asks for a password.

After talking to SCO it looks like this feature was removed from SCO UNIX
due to the security implications, so it's hardly surprising it's not supported
by Sun!

It looks like there isn't really a neat solution to this problem, apart from
changing the source code of the ftpd daemon, so I've decided to set up an
anonymous ftp account and change my specification so Users type in the id
'ftp' instead of 'dataprod'.

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