SUMMARY: Openwindows Hangs

From: Kevin Dillow (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 08:39:50 CST

I want to thank all those who responded to my problem:

"Marks, Evan R" <>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM> (Bill Holzapfel) (John Baldwin) (Jerry Springer) (Peter Allan)

I received several suggestions to check the permissions on /tmp an d/tmp/.X11*
These were all good options but none were incorrect.
Chris Terry and Adrian Cole had the right solution with the problem being
the /dev/null permissions. the actual file /devices/pseudo/mm@0:null had
been taken over by lp. I changed the owner back to root and chmod 666 and
everyone can log in now.

Thanks again for the quick responses.

Original post:
> I have Solaris 2.4 running on a Sparc5, all of my users directories are NFS
> mounted. For some reason none of the users other than root can start
> openwindows. Root logs on and everything works fine. Any other user logs on
> and when the system gets to the Openwindows Version/Banner page it hangs up
> like it can't find (or read) a file it needs. I believe it is most likely a
> permission problem but can't find anything that looks out of place when
> comparing to other local machines configured the same way. Any help or
> suggestions of specific files to review would be appreciated. If someone
> knows the specific files and the order they are used in the normal login and
> openwindows startup that would help.

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