SUMMARY:Xkernel and solaris2.x

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 02:12:03 CST

Thanks for your help.
For a while i asked if anybody has ported the Xkernel software package to solaris2.x. Most of you mentioned that this isn't necessary and that is true.
I have installed the kernel and client-binaries for the xterminals and the boot-loader. I have running the solaris xdm and it works fine, but the floppy drives can not be used.
Also i received a message that someone has build his own package for installing
sun4c's as xterminal with solaris2.x software, but this doesn't work for me (thanks Peter Samuel).

Here is my original question
> Hello managers.
> Is anybody out there that has ported the Xkernel software to solaris2.x?
> Thanks in advance.
> Wolfgang


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