SUMMARY:lpNet processes use a lot of cpu time

From: Stefan Ahser TX/DK (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 10:18:54 CST

Dear sun managers

The original question was:

> I'm have a problem with the printer management in Solaris 2.4.
> The lpstat command creates 14 new lpNet precesses and makes the CPU
> perfmeter go up to approximately 50% of max. The same goes for
> PrintTool. This could perhaps be as it should (I have 38 remote
> printers defined on my SPARCstation LX) but when the lpstat command
> is finished (or PrintTool is closed) the processes are still there and
> they continue to use 50% of my CPU. The only way I have found to get
> rid of them is to stop and restart the LP print service (lpshut and
> lpsched).
> Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem, and perhaps solved it?


I got 3 answers, the first was:
> The lpNet processes are startet for each s5-Type remote printer system (as
> listed by lpstat -l). They appear on both machines, client and server, and they
> stay up forever by default (for performance reasons, I think).
> There is a -T option for the lpsystem command, which should tell the lpNet
> processes to terminate after the defined idle time.
> As I have got other problems regarding the spooling system with this option
> I turned it off again, but I'm not sure whether there was a relation between
> the Timeout option and my problems, as they didn't disappear after I turned
> things back. So its worth a try, I think.
> Another possibility could be to use bsd protocol, but I have got some bad
> experience with it, too.
> Regards - Jens Fischer

I tried the -T option for lpsystem and managed to get rid of the lpNet processes,
but then I found out that they where not really the problem, the problem remained.
Now I think that the lpsched process is the one that steals half of my CPU-time.
I also tried to use the -R option which specifies the length of time to wait
befor trying to re-establish a connection to the remote system, but that did
not fix my problem.
I am using bsd protocol, but that does not solve it either.


The second was:
> Haven't seen that problem, but you do need patches 102113-03 and
> 102211-03 installed if you're running NeWSprint 2.5B.
> Hope this helps,
> Colin Melville

I'm not running NeWSprint, so I gues this doesn't help.


The third was:
> Yes, I have had. This bug was fixed with the patch 101959-06.
> --
> Giles Carre

I tried this to but it did not fix it...


So, I havn't solved the problem yet.
I will report this as a bug to sun and hope that they can help me.
If someone else have any additional info that could help me I will
be glad to recive it.

Thanks to all who helped me so far.

Stefan Ahser,  AXE research and development AB
Lagergrens gata 8,  S-652 26 Karlstad,  SWEDEN

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