SUMMARY - Need library file

From: Quinlan, Grant W. (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 17:57:00 CST

Sorry about the late response. A machine through which our mail is routed
was re-configured last Thursday and stopped routing mail for 5 days.

Bill Reed pointed out that the library is part of the X11R5 distribution.
I could have downloaded the distribution from the net to get the missing
file, had I known. However, many of you responded with copies of the
needed file.
     Thanks to:
Venkata Ramakrishna R
Aggelos P. Varvitsiotis
Bill Reed
Mark Hargrave
John Rosenberg
raoul raoul@MIT.EDU

I will add the file and test the application this evening.

     Grant W. Quinlan
     ARMS System Manager

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