SUMMARY and question: Boot problem

From: Christian Altenschmidt (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 02:22:33 CST


I received several answers. All were correct, but none could help me 8-(.
Some people suggested moving /etc/hostname.le0 to /etc/hostname.le1, but I
had done that already.
I also got pointed to /etc/bootparams on the server. Had also been correct
Special thanks to Steve Butterfield who sent me the really excellent 'Tips
sheet for the Sun Ethernet Interface'. It contained some nice ideas and
suggestions, which did not help, though.

Several answers included editing /etc/rc.boot. This is an interesting point,
because it seems as if rc.boot would not be executed. Could it be that the
root directory gets not mounted for some reason? No, No, it's not
/etc/bootparams. It is correct and the root directory is determined correctly
earlier in the boot process.

Has someone got another idea?

Anyway, many thanks to:
"Christopher M. Chin" <chris@Advent.COM> (Bismark Espinoza)
Lothar Mueller <>
vikas (?)
Bernard Sieloff <> (Steve Butterfield) (Ningping Fan)

My question was:
> Hi,
> we've got a SPARCstation IPC which refuses to boot via le1. The kernel seems
> to be loaded correctly, but after some lines of kernel output the machine
> hangs. This is what the kernel says:
> SunOS Release 4.1.4 (DISKLESS) #1: Fri Jul 14 13:20:37 MET DST 1995
> Copyright (c) 1983-1993, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
> mem = 24576K (0x1800000)
> avail mem = 22212608
> Ethernet address = 8:0:20:f:c8:56
> cpu = SUNW,Sun 4/40
> zs0 at obio 0xf1000000 pri 12
> zs1 at obio 0xf0000000 pri 12
> audio0 at obio 0xf7201000 pri 13
> sbus0 at SBus slot 0 0x0
> dma0 at SBus slot 0 0x400000
> esp0 at SBus slot 0 0x800000 pri 3
> esp0: Warning- no devices found for this SCSI bus
> le0 at SBus slot 0 0xc00000 pri 5
> le1 at SBus slot 1 0xc00000 pri 5
> bwtwo0 at SBus slot 3 0x0 pri 7
> fd0 at obio 0xf7200000 pri 11
> hostname: myhost
> domainname: MYDOMAIN
> [Now the machine hangs.]
> Perhaps I should point you to the fact that the machine has an additional
> network interface. The onboard interface went to the happy hunting grounds
> some time ago.
> Could this be the cause for this behaviour?
> If so, what am I expected to do?
> If not, what is the cause?
> Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Christian

Once again TIA,

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