SUMMARY: Sparc 5 internal CD-ROM/audio connection for WorkMan 1.3

From: Daniel Lorenzini (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 10:19:37 CST


As usual, sun-managers comes through. The answer is that a connection
needs to be made from the back of the CD drive to J600 on the
motherboard, which is located under the framebuffer. Apparently, the
cable is supplied with the CD drive when ordered as an add-on unit.
However, the only Sparc 5's with CD drives that we have came that way
originally from Sun, in which case the cable is not supplied; that is
why I was unaware of this connection.

My thanks to the timely replies from the following:

        Ric Anderson <> (Steve Butterfield)
        David Beard <> (Mark Owens)
        Adrian Cole/Computervision (Christian Masopust)
        Andi Paton <> (Kenneth Simpson)
        Ray Brownrigg <>

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Original message:

Does anyone know how to connect the CD-ROM drive's internal audio
output and the computer's audio hardware in a Sparc 5? The
documentation for WorkMan 1.3 says that it supports this, but the
internal connection must be made and I can't seem to find any
instructions on how to do this. The output of the headphone jack on
the CD drawer is terrible, so for now I'm using an external unit.

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