SUMMARY: Sendmail and Syslog Problem

From: Joey Singh (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 20:08:30 CST


  There were very few answers that I received and unfortunately none of them
  solve the problem.

  Thanks the to people who responded. I also received a few mee toos.

> I ftp-ed the new version of sendmail-8.7.3 and compiled it and created the
> configuration file. Everything went fine during the compilition stage but
> when I fire up newaliases, it complains about segmentation fault. Inspite
> of the segmentation fault, it rebuilds the database. Can someone shed some
> light on this ??

> Suddenly my syslog died as it is not logging anything in the /var/adm/messages
> I have tried killing it and restarting it but no luck. FYI: The syslogd is
> running.


  from Bob Devonshire

  Take a look at your /etc/syslog.conf and see where the "mail.debug" entry is
  pointing. I prefer my syslog be in the same directory as my Sendmail files
  (df..., qf..., etc.), which makes it easier when working mail problems.

  from Anatoly M. Lisovsky

  Answer to question 1.

  It is bug in source code, i.e. opiration on wrong pointer.

  Answer to question 2.

  Some packages not installed, related to software development options,
  i do'nt remember right name, but syslogd needs it. I had the same
  problem 2 years ago, and fixed thanks to Casper Dik.

  from Vishy Gopalakrishnan

  answer to question 1.

  Did you make /usr/ucb/newaliases a link to /usr/lib/sendmail ?
  Yes I did. I did notice that there newaliases is a link to sendmail. Thanks.

  answer to question 2.

  Check your /etc/syslog.conf file for any sytnax errors.

  Check if /etc/ has the correct PID of syslogd. If there
  is more than one syslogd running, kill all of them. Then start
  syslogd. Then do a "tail -f /var/adm/messages &" and do a
  /usr/ucb/logger -p hello testing. See if syslog catches this

I am still waiting for someone to mail me if he/she has encountered the same
problem before.

Thanks for your time.

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