SUMMARY: IPX won't boot

From: Thad Macmillan (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 01:03:04 CST

I received 8 replies to my post, most of them pointing to a bad simm in
slot 0. Many people also mentioned testing further by doing the

Hang a serial terminal of some type off of ttya, then try the boot.
I did so, and the output points to a bad CPU board. As an added bonus,
I took the advice of Frode Stromsvag and setenv diag-switch? to true
in the ID PROM on a working machine, then re-installed the chip in the
afflicted board and was treated to many, many interesting diagnostic
messages as it was trying to boot.

My sincerest thanks to those who took the time to respond:

Daniel J Blander <>
Lyle Miller <>
Gary W. Cook <> (Steve Butterfield) (David Steiner) (Maurice Campofranco) (Frode Stromsvag)
Andi Paton <

Thad MacMillan
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