SUMMARY: PC-NFSpro, Win95, and PPP

From: Steve Gray (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 13:21:46 CST

My original post:

        I'm having trouble installing/using PC-NFSpro
        (version 1.1.1) on a PC that's currently using
        I've installed PC-NFSpro over Win95 on other
        machines, but they've always been pre-networked.
        In this case, it's a machine that I've used to
        do PPP connections using both Trumpet and the
        native Win95 stacks.
        For some reason, when I go to install the PC-NFSpro
        client/architecture, it SEEMS to work okay, but when
        the computer reboots, the PC-NFSpro isn't available,
        and isn't even listed on the "networks" utility.
        I've noticed that the Microsoft dial-up adapter props
        only let me use the 16/32-bit NDIS, and the PC-NFSpro-
        over-Win95 docs state that I should be able to select
        the exclusive 16-bit NDIS driver for the adapter. It
        this where I'm failing?

Well, the responses were simple and unanimous. Upgrade to
PC-NFSpro 2.0. Guess I'll have to open the ol' purse strings
again soon...

Thanks to: (Risto Tolonen) (Mark Sherman) (D. Van Beveren) (Jim Miller)
lisa@fci.COM (Lisa Paulson)
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