SUMMARY: Frame Buffer Problem (Solaris 2.5)

From: Paul Alukal (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 09:30:15 CST

Original question:

>Hi Sun Managers:
>We are upgrading some SS10's with cg12 frame buffers to Solaris
>When those machines were installed with Sol 2.3 or Sol 2.4, we had to add
>some drivers (using pkgadd) to get the graphics working. Some of those
>packages were SUNWgs.L, SUNWgs.c, SUNWgs.m,, SUNWgsow, and
>We could not find these on the Solaris 2.5 CD. Anyone out there got
>any similar experience?
>What if we add those from Solaris 2.4 CD?
>The error messages we are getting are like:
>At boot time:
>NOTICE: Can't find device for console framebuffer.
>When trying to run openwin,
>/dev/fb: No such file or device.
>Graphics Adaptor device /dev/fb is of unknown type etc.
>Thanks for any suggestions.
>Paul Alukal

The Answer:

The GS (cg12) frame buffer is no longer supported by Solaris
releases after Solaris 2.4.
Unfortunately, the Solaris 2.4 packages cannot be used with
Solaris 2.5. Your only options are to stick with Solaris 2.4
or replace the frame buffer cards with supported models.
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