SUMMARY /etc/.name_service_door

From: Stephen Harris (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 03:48:32 CST

Thanks to Casper Dik and Celeste Stokely.

They both pointed out that /etc/.name_service_door was created by nscd (the
new experimental "name service cache daemon").

Casper did a nice trace on the program and showed:

24204: creat("/etc/.name_service_door", 0444) = 4
24204: close(4) = 0
24204: mount(0x00000000, "/etc/.name_service_door", MS_DATA, "namefs", 0xEFFFF674, 4) = 0

In other words, the file is created with normal attributes (0444) and then
a psuedo-filesystem (namefs) is mounted on top of it.

Heh, mount(2) still mentions block devices and _directories_ to mount onto,
but this mount is over a file.

My problem was that Networker 4.0.2 is giving warnings about it. It appears
to do a stat() on each file to determine the correct way of backing it up,
and was getting understandably confused with a mode type of 0xd124

Fortunately, the trace about shows that I can ignore this warning because nscd
will recreate the file as needed.

Thanks again,


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