SUMMARY:Sendmail problem

From: Andrea Bellinzaghi (
Date: Mon Feb 12 1996 - 05:25:47 CST

My original question :

> Hi managers,
> does anyone hear about sendmail problem with compuserve??
> My problem is that I can't send mail only to '', if I change
> one letter of the address '' it works. I've already change the
> file with one of my colleague that works on his machine, but
> is changed. Maybe there's a patch????

Thanks for people who reply me, this is the summary:

What I've done to solve the problem (after called 'SUN MICROSYSTEM ITALIA' and
received the right suggestion) is to delete the two rules lines in my that keep a '%l' that was the error. I've also receveid from the net
some suggestions about using file but I still haven't tried it.

Bye Andrea

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