SUMMARY: 4.2 GB hard disk for OS 4.1.4

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 09:22:06 CST

Hello all,
After I send out request, I received hundreds responses, so I can not list every
one in here, just thanks every one to response. I would still like to give my
appreciation to (greg harrison)
he is so patient to answered lots my stupid questions!
Thank you guys all!!

Original question:

> Dear Manages,
> I got a problem in here, we just got a 4.2 GB hard driver from sun for our
> SunSparc 5. The products note said:
> Due to limitations of the operating system, 4-Gbyte disk drives can not be used
> with the Solaris 1.x enviroment. The operating system recognizes a maximum disk
> capacity of 2 Gbytes.
> But we would like to use it under SunOS 4.1.4 if we can because we use nmr
> process software (NmrPipe and Nmrview) don't have Solaris 2.x version yet.
> Is there anyway to get around this problem!!
> Thank you very much!!!


95% responses are:
Yes, just connect and partition to fs smaller than 2 GB.
Or buy Online Disk Suite software.
Only 3 response said:
No, you can not use because of OS limitation.
1 response:
They use nmrpipe (which compiled on SunOS) on solaris 2.x. look like works.

So, I would like to ask another question:
How good chance we have if we run the program which compiled on SunOS under
Solaris 2.x system.

With all information, I connected our disk, partitioned as 1G, 1G and 2G. Mounted.
Works fine. Thank you again!


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