SUMMARY- Re: twisted pair interface

Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 11:54:31 CST

Original question:

>Is there a documented problem with using the twisted pair
>interface on SPARC 5's and 20's?
>We have two 5's and one 20 where upon boot the network
>interface is not active until the system initiates an
>outgoing request. In other words, after system A is booted,
>no other system can ping, telnet, or ftp to system A until
>a user logs on to system A (on the console obviously) and
>pings another system. Then everythings works fine until the next
>All of the offending systems work with using the AUI interface
>and fail with the twisted pair.
>We also have two SPARC 1000's which don't have this problem.
>Our fancy work around for this problem is to put a ping command
>as the last step in the bootup process. this is enough to turn everything on.
>We are running Solaris 2.4 on all systems.

There were many responces to this question. About half had never experienced
the problem and half had seen the problem varying from ocassionally to

Several said the problem is fixed in 2.5

There were two patches sugested, 102729-01 and 102332-01. the first merely
added a S99aui_tpe file to rc2.d which, you guessed it, added
a ping command to the boot procedure. The other patch, appeared from the
meager description, was for classic systems only and I did not try it.

one suggested : eeprom tpe-link-test true and reboot

one suggested eeprom tpe-link-test false and reboot.

a couple of people thought the problem may be in the switching hub, but
we have completely dumb hubs.

I decided to stick with my orginal solution.

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